Training programs

Do you have trouble planning your training to get good results from your work outs? A training program from me will make sure:

  • You save time by staying on the right training dose
  • Your training program matches your goal, whether it’s building volume or shaping your body
  • You avoid unnecessary work in the gym and unnecessary workout pain
  • You can vary the training without changing the program all the time
  • You can find a way of getting results in the gym even if you practice other sports
  • You get suggestions of alternative exercises to make your work outs more fun and still reach your goals
  • You improve symmetry without losing volume or other prior achievements

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As a certified PT with proven own development and reference customers who have achieved their goals – to lose weight and to increase muscle volume – I can help you achieve your goals. Most of the clients I’ve helped have wasted valuable time in the gym without results just because exercise and diet did not match their needs and training.

My training programs are developed especially for you according to your conditions and your goals with the training. I consider what you your training goals are. To ensure your results, a follow-up of the training program is done. Follow-up takes place over a period of 1 month. My training programs of course consider if you are male or female, but also a lot of other parameters. My own goals have been primarily to build muscle and volume, but I have a lot of experience in designing training programs for women who often want to shape muscles without crating volume.

Once you decide you want a training program, you want it soon. Therefore I guarantee you delivery within 48 hours after you have answered, in writing, the questions I send to you after purchase.


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