Personal Training

You should hire me as Personal Trainer because:

  • You get the most out of the time you spend working out
  • You strengthen your self-esteem because you develop faster than others
  • You will learn more about training and what exercises fit together to achieve optimal results
  • You avoid inefficient training
  • You increase the understanding of exercises so that you can change your workout program depending on new goals
  • You will learn new ways to work out, which gives you variation in your training
  • It will bring fun to your exercise because you get the focus and inspiration


  • I will push you to get results so you get passed thresholds and  get more out of the training even when training on your own
  • We will be training together, giving you loads of inspiration
  • I make sure you avoid injuries and that you do not lose valuable training time

When you hire me as your PT, we train at M13GYM Marbella.
I’m located in Marbella, Spain.

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As a certified PT with proven own development and reference customers who have achieved their goals – to lose weight and to increase muscle volume – I can help you achieve your goals. Most of the clients I helped have wasted valuable time in the gym without results just because the training does not match their needs.

My strength as a PT is that I am young, updated on the latest training methods and understands young people’s view of training. I myself have undergone fantastic development with the help of PT. I have acquired lots of knowledge – I am teacher at a PT school. Many people appreciate training with me instead of having a PT standing beside telling them what to do.

481254_486172271431594_2005513372_nHere you can see great results achieved by one of my customers. Andre achieved these results in 3-months, results that would have taken at least one year without my help. I also have references that hired other PTs but did not get results until they hired me.


Price per PT-hour: 60€/h
10 PT-hours: 500€
20 PT-hours: 850€

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