Online coaching

Do you want professional help with training and nutrition from a certified Personal Trainer but have no time to book PT passes?

With online coaching from me you can

  • Ask questions about exercise and nutrition when it suits you
  • Be able to ask questions by phone or what’s app when you have the time
  • Get help with decisions about exercise and diet without hesitation
  • Be able to contact someone who motivates you to proceed
  • Work out at times that suits you, yet still get help from a PT
  • Ask questions that may be hard to ask face-to-face
  • Easier plan your work outs

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My strength as a Personal Trainer is that I am young, updated on latest training methods and understands young people’s view of training. I myself have undergone fantastic development with the help of a PT. I have acquired lots of knowledge – I am now a teacher at a PT school helping others to become Personal Trainers.

When booking online coaching we communicate via email, Facebook, or via chat in my online form at There you can chat directly with me when I’m online or send a message when I’m not.

Fill out the form below if you are interested in online coaching and I will get back to you within 12 hours.


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