Diet plans

Benefits with a diet plan tailored to your needs:

  • It is easier for you to plan your days and not ending up in a situation where you eat unhealthy
  • You ensure that the amount of time spent on exercising will be beneficial for your body by eating exactly what the body needs
  • You will know that you eat the right proportions of food and nutritional supplements and that it gains your exercise and development
  • You will know that you don’t lack important nutrition in your diet
  • You can get help finding food alternatives if there is something you need to eat but don’t like

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Being a certified PT with proven development for myself and numerous reference customers who have achieved their goals – to lose weight and to increase muscle volume – I can help You achieve Your goals. Most of the clients I’ve helped have wasted time in the gym without results simply because the diet does not match their needs and training.

The diet plan is calculated specifically for you according to your prerequisites and your goals with your training. I’m taking into account your taste etc. To ensure that you end up with great results, a follow-up of the diet plan will be made including corrections for a period of 1 month. My diet plans will of course consider whether you are male or female, but also a variety of other parameters.

Once you have decided that you want the diet plan, you want it soon. Therefore I guarantee a personal schedule within 48 hours once you have answered, in writing, the questions I send you when ordering.


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