When to take a risk?

To take daring chances is scary and very risky, but it’s can also be the best thing to take a chance. If you are considering taking a chance, think about these 4 points.

  1. How sure are you?
  2. How hard are you willing to work for it?
  3. Identify your competition without focusing too much on it.
  4. What are you willing to give up to succeed? Nothing is free.
  5. Record your goals, long-term and short-term.

When I started my first business I was 16 years old, I started a company called GrowingShop where I sold a nish t-shirt. Since then I have been very attentive to others who started new businesses. I have been working actively in health and fitness for over 7 years, and in addition to my own businesses I have worked a lot with other people.

Everyone takes a risk when starting a new company and often it’s not the idea that makes it fail. Often it’s people who have not thought about everything properly, we who are entrepreneurs work all hours of the day, every day of the year. We have no job security and no holidays.

How to make use of every hour every day is critical to your business. Therefore, it’s so incredibly important that you’re sure of your thing before putting down both your and other people’s time and money if you want to be a successful entrepreneur.