What about cardio?

Cardio is an interesting topic and I get many questions on how long and when to do the cardio. What burns the most calories? Should I finish my weight lifting with Cardio or should I do only Cardio during a special workout?

I recommend cardio shortly after your weight lifting and that it lasts about 20-30 minutes. When you are doing weight lifting, you empty your glycogen depots and when you then end your workout with a heart intensive training, your body will already be “empty” and the fat burning effect increases.

When you choose to do only Cardio for 60 minutes it takes about 40 minutes before you start burning fat. That is because your glycogen depots are not emptied yet. That leaves 20 minutes of your workout to fat burning, which is still about 20 minutes of what you wanted.

I always recommend weight lifting and cardio close in time and that’s also how I do it. I think cardio is somewhat boring and tough and combining both gives a variation I find easier.

My customers also respond incredibly well to this and tell me that their motivation is higher.


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