Two things you tend to forget when working out

It is common to forget about breathing during the workout. People make themselves ready for the next set by taking a deep breath and then holding the breath in the performance. The result is seen as a red face and in some cases, serious problems. The way you breathe during your exercises affects your stability and your level of oxygen to the muscles.

In every exercise, you need to consider the breath and the abdomen. To forget to breathe or tense the abdomen when performing an exercise can actually cause injuries. When you inhale first and then hold your breath, you are tensioning the abdomen, which helps you stabilize the spine. For some people it is natural to tense the abdomen, and for others it is harder. Think that you are going to prepare yourself for a punch in your stomach. It is about finding a rhythm in your breathing and to find out how to stretch your belly. When you do, your lifts will be both easier and safer.

When you do the heaviest part of your exercise, i.e. at the bottom of your knee or bench press, it helps to grunt to increase the pressure in the trunk. There is no research showing that you are stronger when you grunt during your exercises, but why not try? I usually make a heavy exhale at the heaviest part of an exercise and it makes me extra strong.

The key is to start thinking about what you do with your breathing at your next workout, maybe you have your own technique to tense your abdomen and get a rhythm in your breath.


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