Surround yourself with people who want to lift you up

Something that is important in order to be a better you is to only deal with people who are better than yourself in what you want to achieve. For example, someone may have as much money as you want or a muscle mass you want to achieve. I focus on hanging out with managers, people who have a lot of responsibility, the bigger guys in the gym etc. and learn from what they do. That means everything they do, even in their spare time, what they invest in, how they spend their time, how they think about the food they cook or what may be of interest.

When you are in a good circle of people, you will slowly realize that those people who once were above you are now at the same level, then maybe under you … The latter has recently happened to me … When you improve passed another person in this way, you often feel satisfaction, but never become satisfied. You should appreciate what you have accomplished, and what you have, ALWAYS be happy for those in your environment. But NEVER stay satisfied. Always strive forward, at least if you are an entrepreneur.

Also, keep in mind that there are people on your way to becoming a better You that you should avoid. These are people you probably will encounter often: Those who say they will do things, but then never or rarely do. Identify those as quickly as you can and end your commitment to these persons. Focus on those people who actually do things and show results and development.