A regular day by the pool

There is a lot of people in motion in our community now.  More and more people are here on vacation and the pools are now used a lot. Our community area is big, approx 30 min to walk through, so we are mostly just going to our nearest pool. There are two pools in the middle of the community and the one by us is a little bit on the side of the area. Therefore it is not as much people at our pool which is nice. The other pools are bigger and with houses built around them. There are more kids playing at these which makes them noisier from time to time. When we are at our pool it has been very quiet and relaxing. We can bring Amino to the pool area without anyone reacting on there being a dog by the pool, which is nice for us and for Amino.

Beside every pool there are sunbeds and sunshades so we don’t have to stay directly in the sun. Perfect for recharging between workouts at the gym. Water is nicely tempered now and perfect after the workout.

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