Do not become a routine

It’s easy to get used to your own way of working out, to get into a routine in the gym and taking the easy route for a workout or two. But getting used to your workout routine is a dangerous thing and that is when you start doing some common mistakes.

Mistake no. 1 – You decrease the weight and raise the number of repetitions during your workouts. It shall to be hard to work out and you should get sweaty. You should suffer a bit at the gym. Remember to gradually increase the weights, your body will thank you by getting stronger.

Mistake no. 2 – You start avoiding the exercises you can not perform well in. Skiping some exercises can eventually cause you to get injuries, your body needs symmetry and when you exercise a muscle you also need to train the opposite muscle. Do not be afraid to ask for help, hire a personal trainer and put the focus on practicing the technique in the exercises.

Mistake no. 3 – You go to the gym without a goal. It really doesn´’t matter if it is a goal for today’s workout or whether it is a long term goal. Your brain needs something to fight and to be able to hold the motivation when it feels heavy. Be smart when working out and set up specific and relevant goals and give yourself a deadline.

Mistake no. 4 – You get stuck in the “machine world”. Dare to grab the free weights and put your entire body in motion. Machines do not get your core and your stability trained the way free weights do.

Mistake no. 5 – You only train yourself. It is extremely difficult to constantly motivate yourself in the gym. It is much safer to have a friend in the gym if you are lifting heavier weights. Try hiring a personal trainer, I put a lot of focus on motivation and coaching when training my clients.

Mistake no. 6 – You do not work hard enough. Whether you go on a group workout session or wether you do weight lifting by your own, your exercise should be intensive. Focus on why you’re in the gym and let your hard work inspire someone else.

And remember – be nice to others at the gym, picking up after you and daring to ask for help!

I would be more than happy to help you create structure in your workouts and give you the motivational push you need to reach your goals. Contact me!