I’m your personal trainer in Marbella

3 månader skillnad.
Personligt utformat träningsprogram & Kostschema samt 4 PT-pass/vecka

I will help you reach your goals, regardless if your goals are to get fit or to build muscles. Most of the people I help want to get a healthy body. This is accomplished by functional training and by developing the balance, coordination and flexibility. By combining this with classic bodybuilding exercises you will get stronger but also functionally more fit.

This will prevent injuries and make the training more fun and also give greater results in shorter time!

I am based in Marbella, Spain. If you live in the UK or elsewhere I can help you online with online-coaching until you get the time to visit the sunny Marbella area. I also sell diet plans and training programs. If going on a vacation, make it Marbella and I will be available to inspire you as your Personal Trainer during your vacation here in Marbella or Puerto Banus.

I am also a trained nutritionist and can help you to eat healthy regardless of your goals. My diet plans are carefully calculated based on your energy consumption (BMR) and your goals. Keeping strict to that will make you reach your goals.

Let me help you change your lifestyle!

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