Why go to the gym in Marbella


I am from Sweden but I’ve been living and training in Marbella, Spain for 2.5 months and these are my experiences so far:

Sweden: High standard at the gyms in general. Big national gyms controls the market causes all gyms to have similar equipment and look. You cannot really find a bad gym but it is hard to find a unique gym. Check for 50 kg dumbbells and you know what I mean.

Marbella: The gyms are good. You will find all kinds of gyms and you can find a gym that really fits your personality and exercise or one that is really cool looking.

Sweden: If someone comment on your training, it is seldom to encourage you. They may say something if they think you do something wrong, according to their standards that is.

Marbella: Even people you never met before are encouraging you when doing some serious workout. Inspiring and friendly.

Sweden: In Sweden, you are supposed to follow a norm. If you do not, people find you odd. There is an unspoken norm of what is ok when it comes to how you train and how you look.

Marbella: People look and train as they please. You often see extreme clothing (according to Swedish standards) and looks, people are happy and encouraging anyways.

The price for training at gyms varies more in Marbella. There are cheap “raw” gyms where you don’t even got showers and there are extreme luxurious gyms with top standard. Some gyms are cheaper than in Sweden and some gyms are more expensive but the prices are just about the same for the same standard. However, the price also varies depending on where the gym is located. Top gyms in Puerto Banus are for example more expensive.

To summarize: My experiences of training in Marbella so far is positive. The fact that you can do your powerwalk in a t-shirt in the sun in early march amongst palm trees is of course something that you just got to love.


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