Girls and heavy weight training

All women I help seem to have the same goals for their training. They want to get in great shape and they want to get a stronger body. What is considered beautiful is of course a different opinion for different people, but those who contact me often want a well-trained body with less subcutaneous fat and more curves.

Many women are afraid they will put on a few extra pounds doing heavy weight lifting, but it is usually exactly what is required to reach their goals. Only doing cardio and losing weight is rarely the right way to go.


I want to give you girls this very same recommendation. Dare to step down from the cross-trainer and handle some weights. Replace 4 of the hours you spend on a cross-trainer with some heavy weight training every week. Your body needs big changes, and of course you will work how hard and often you want. All you need to remember is to do the right things in the gym, sometimes it’s not about how much you work out but actually, what you are doing. Training heavy weight training will give you the curves you are longing for, and it will make you be and feel stronger.

I’m here to help you and I offer PT with me in beautiful Marbella or diet & exercise programs online! Please do not hesitate to contact me!