Getting closer

Today, I and Emma woke up to rain, heavy rain (I know, here in Marbella…). I think it’s nice to wake up to smashing rain outside, especially when we can pull up the curtains and take an extra long morning before we get up. In Marbella we are almost craving for rain nowadays. The temperature drops 10 degrees when it’s raining heavily, which is great! As we have said before, we are very spoiled when it comes to lots of sun and heat here.

When we got up from bed we went straight to the gym and did morning cardio, it is a really a nice feeling to start the day with cardio. I also did a very good chest workout earlier in the evening. Chest have been in focus for a while now and the results have been really good, it’s always fun to catch up with a muscle group that has been neglected. Soon I will be ready for a 200 kg (440 pounds) lift in the bench press!

Today I have been working alot by the computer, I’m starting online coaching with a new group of people next week. It’s a lovely bunch and this time the majority are actually girls which is fun. It will be fun to follow their steps to a better Me!

Now that we have my parents here on visit, there is grilled chicken on the table every night after training, they know what I need… They actually make me remember living at home …


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