Double your dose to gain weight

Eating enough can be a real challenge for people that train hard, and it can be difficult to find tips on how to gain weight in a healthy way. Here are my best tips for a healthy weight gain:

Double the dose – double your intake of protein shakes, eat double breakfasts and double snacks and always take an extra plate when the food tastes good. Enjoy each meal and make cooking an interest.

Never exercise on an empty stomach – eat 45-60 minutes before your workout and preferrable a meal with faster carbohydrates.

Exercise in the evening – For those who want to gain weight, it is better to workout when you got a number of meals in your stomach. If you exercise in the morning, your burning is higher because you have not had enough nutrition yet.

Drink carbohydrates – Fast carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin and vitargo during your workouts give your body the energy you need without taking your reserves.

These are very general tips and you need to try to find the ones that suits your lifestyle. If you do not feel like this works for you, please contact me for an individual cost schedule.


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