To take daring chances is scary and very risky, but it’s can also be the best thing to take a chance. If you are considering taking a chance, think about these 4 points. How sure are you? How hard are you willing to work for it? Identify your competition without […]

When to take a risk?

Today, I and Emma woke up to rain, heavy rain (I know, here in Marbella…). I think it’s nice to wake up to smashing rain outside, especially when we can pull up the curtains and take an extra long morning before we get up. In Marbella we are almost craving […]

Getting closer

By following an exercise program that is calculated based on your needs, you have the right setting to achieve your goals. When I do your training program, I take into account your age, your everyday routines, your training background and your overall health situation. We develop a program together that […]

Freedom between the passes

When I was a teenager, I was very impatient and I wanted things done quickly, preferably yesterday. My parents often challenged my patience and taught me how to turn my weakness into a strength. When I had an idea, I wanted to start right away, my parents taught me to […]

The very best Me

Having a good posture is important for a healthy lifestyle. A good posture helps relieve the joints of your body. Having a bad posture affects the body more than you may think. Many problems related to back and joint pain are caused by a bad posture. It’s important that you […]

5 steps for a good posture

I’ve written about how the heat has come to Marbella. I haven’t had a clue what I was talking about. I thought it was hot when it has been around 20 degrees celsius, just like a good Swedish summer day. Yes, for us who come from a rainy Gothenburg, 20 […]

Water and AC

It is common to forget about breathing during the workout. People make themselves ready for the next set by taking a deep breath and then holding the breath in the performance. The result is seen as a red face and in some cases, serious problems. The way you breathe during […]

Two things you tend to forget when working out

All women I help seem to have the same goals for their training. They want to get in great shape and they want to get a stronger body. What is considered beautiful is of course a different opinion for different people, but those who contact me often want a well-trained […]

Girls and heavy weight training

There are a lot of excuses to not start training. But that does not mean you need to listen to all these excuses. You cannot be too young, too old or too weak to start exercising. Your starting point is just what it is, a starting point. It is different […]

Your starting point

It’s easy to get used to your own way of working out, to get into a routine in the gym and taking the easy route for a workout or two. But getting used to your workout routine is a dangerous thing and that is when you start doing some common […]

Do not become a routine

Cardio is an interesting topic and I get many questions on how long and when to do the cardio. What burns the most calories? Should I finish my weight lifting with Cardio or should I do only Cardio during a special workout? I recommend cardio shortly after your weight lifting and that it lasts […]

What about cardio?

Loosing weight is more about the willpower and motivation to change, rather than exactly how and what you train. To create a lifestyle you will want to continue having it is important that you feel it’s fun and that is motivates you to do your best. The following aspects on […]

18 aspects on loosing weight

  I am from Sweden but I’ve been living and training in Marbella, Spain for 2.5 months and these are my experiences so far: Sweden: High standard at the gyms in general. Big national gyms controls the market causes all gyms to have similar equipment and look. You cannot really find […]

Why go to the gym in Marbella

I will help you reach your goals, regardless if your goals are to get fit or to build muscles. Most of the people I help want to get a healthy body. This is accomplished by functional training and by developing the balance, coordination and flexibility. By combining this with classic […]

I’m your personal trainer in Marbella

There is a lot of people in motion in our community now.  More and more people are here on vacation and the pools are now used a lot. Our community area is big, approx 30 min to walk through, so we are mostly just going to our nearest pool. There […]

A regular day by the pool

The biggest respect you can show others in the gym is to restore the weights. To remove free weights and weight plates are the pure basics in the gym. Many of you might think that it is the job of the gym staff and that may be partly true, but there are seldom enough […]

Are you done? Then pick up!

I’m always hungry when I wake up and I love breakfast. If you ask me, it’s the best meal of the day. I have tried a lot of breakfasts but this one is the best and also gives the best saturation: Mix 5 dl oatmeal with 2 buckets Power Series […]

A super breakfast