Are you done? Then pick up!

The biggest respect you can show others in the gym is to restore the weights. To remove free weights and weight plates are the pure basics in the gym. Many of you might think that it is the job of the gym staff and that may be partly true, but there are seldom enough staff to clean up after all people for a whole day.

The probability that the person who uses the machine after you want to use the same weight as you is extremely small and they probably need to start their exercise by pulling off the weights you used. We all agree that it is extremely annoying and somewhat demotivating. I have many times seen people choose a different exercise just to avoid removing weights after someone else.

If you’ve had the energy to put all the weights there, you should also have the energy to remove them. Alternatively, use a weight that you manage to remove when done.

If you think it’s okay to leave it as you find it and do to others what they do to you, then you should really think again. Picking up after you may not change everything for you but it changes everything to someone else.

The weights need not be put back exactly in place, just don’t leave them on the machines!

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