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Loosing weight is more about the willpower and motivation to change, rather than exactly how and what you train. To create a lifestyle you will want to continue having it is important that you feel it’s fun and that is motivates you to do your best. The following aspects on […]

18 aspects on loosing weight

  I am from Sweden but I’ve been living and training in Marbella, Spain for 2.5 months and these are my experiences so far: Sweden: High standard at the gyms in general. Big national gyms controls the market causes all gyms to have similar equipment and look. You cannot really find […]

Why go to the gym in Marbella

I will help you reach your goals, regardless if your goals are to get fit or to build muscles. Most of the people I help want to get a healthy body. This is accomplished by functional training and by developing the balance, coordination and flexibility. By combining this with classic […]

I’m your personal trainer in Marbella