18 aspects on loosing weight

Loosing weight is more about the willpower and motivation to change, rather than exactly how and what you train. To create a lifestyle you will want to continue having it is important that you feel it’s fun and that is motivates you to do your best. The following aspects on loosing weight are the ones I tend to focus on with my clients.

1. Think about food as the fuel your body needs to be good.

2. Eat slowly. Then you will appreciate your food more and you will feel saturation sooner.

3. Do some activity every day. Even an easy activity is better than sitting still and your body will start up working those calories.

4. Find a healthy relationship with your food and find a diet plan that works for your lifestyle. When using extreme diet programs, your body ends up in a vicious circle and your weight will go up and down uncontrollably.

5. Stay away from diet pills and dietary powders. They will empty your body of important nutrients, water and carbohydrates.

6. Instead of eating big meals, eat many small meals during the day.

7. Drink plenty of water during the day. Water helps your kidneys and bowel to work efficiently.

8. Do not skip meals. When you get too hungry, your body lowers its metabolism.

9. Do not shop groceries on an empty stomach, chances are you are buying everything you see.

10. To slow down your cravings for sweets it’s enough with a little bit, then stop there.

11. Do not be afraid to order special food when you are in a restaurant. Most restaurants are more than welcome to serve what you want.

14. Be patient about your weight loss. Going down more than half a kilo per week is not healthy.

15. Think of your workout as a regular meeting. Schedule it and keep to your schedule.

16. Document your daily progress. It helps you keep your motivation.

17. Train with your partner or a friend, push each other!

18. Vary your exercise and last but most important: Have fun.


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